• Sheila R. Stenzel (BA, MSc, PhD Geology)

    Sheila R. Stenzel (BA, MSc, PhD Geology)


    Sheila joined MineralsEd in 1999, first as a volunteer presenter for MineralsEd's in-service workshops, then as Education Program coordinator until 2003 when she became Director. Raised in farm country, Sheila brings with her strong academic background in geosciences and teaching experience, a great appreciation for the primary resources Earth provides. She provides geology instruction at MineralsEd's teacher workshops and is involved in all other aspects of MineralsEd program development and delivery. Her long-time affiliation with the school program has built a good understanding of both the world of education and the BC broad-based mining community.

  • Andreea Suceveanu (BSc)

    Andreea Suceveanu (BSc)


    Andreea joined MineralsEd as the Education Program Coordinator in July 2014. Graduating from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Biology and having previous work experience in enrichment education, Andreea brings an academic background in science as well as prior experience in outreach education. She is responsible for the communications with teachers, schools and districts regarding all MineralsEd programming. Her work with teachers and students in our mineral resources education program validates her personal interest in developing sustainable and conserving habits early in life, as well as promoting an understanding of the natural sciences.